I am so happy with my university because every time I have pointed out little instances of sexism, my male professors have taken note of it and are trying their best to not do it again. 

Addressing the class “Guys…and girls” 

Talking about God “He invented…or She, sorry, it could be She.”

And even while talking about the struggle for goodness “It doesn’t matter whether you believe in God or not. No one side is better than the other.”

It is just so nice to see a new university in Pakistan that has such a liberal and unbiased approach to everything. I approached the dean about how one guy had said that the student council doesn’t have women because women fight a lot more and have big egos, and I told the dean I was really upset about it. His response? “But that’s ridiculous. Men have the largest egos. Everybody knows that.” 

Imagine this:

Feminist hackers break into the “private browsing session” internet history of major male sports stars, celebs, and politicians.

The hackers publish the men’s names next to the illegal, unusual or most-embarrassing websites along with number of visits, duration of visits, and any comments/chats they posted on those sites.

Reddit and 4Chan riot about the unfairness and invasion of privacy.

"But it was all online!" The hackers say. "They had to know someone could find it!!!"

What happens next?

Tons of people shaming those men for being trashy and stupid?Comments about “celebs should assume they don’t have privacy” show up in every discussion thread?

Probably not. Probably, the media outlets fall all over themselves to decry the awful indecency of this breach of trust.

Probably, fans set up GoFundMe accounts to pay for the counseling these men will need to undergo, and for the wages they may lose as a result of being exposed in this way.

Maybe the FBI shuts down the entire internet for ten days. Anyone who ever tagged anything #feminism is fined $20 and suspended from the Web for a month. And every online provider in the country is forced to pay billions of dollars in a damages as part of a class-action lawsuit.

What do you want to bet?

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I’ll bet $20? Might need it later and stuff

Watching - TLOK - book 1

Kind of realised that I loved Mako when he was first introduced. He reminded me so much of Zuko. Then they kinda ruined him. He seemed such a strong bender but since the first season we haven’t really experienced a lot of power from him since then.

"People of colour" is a horribly offensive way to describe different races. It basically implies that there are white people and then everybody else, which is a weird and careless generalization.



I’m not going to argue with you because I’m white, but I will link you to the wiki which discusses why it was coined and why it’s important.

The problem with this is that American people think it’s okay to use the term even when the forum they’re talking in isn’t American. I find the term offensive, I’m Pakistani. I’m not a person of color. I see people using the term again and again no matter what country they’re from. It’s not okay. If you want to use it, use it as an American in an American forum. Otherwise, no. You don’t get to call me a POC. 

"History will be kind to me for I intend to write it."
-Winston Churchhill

you’re fucking kidding me? That’s it? do we get a third season at least?


wow, look how easy that was.



Unless you want to forcibly damage or ‘convert’ heterosexual people, the world will continue to be heteronormative. It’s not a bad, it’s just a thing that occurs. No matter how you look at it, being LGBTQ is not what most people are - the problem isn’t that we’re not the average, the problem is hatred and otherness, and segregating the non-straight community from the rest of society and pretending we’re better because we’re different doesn’t solve that.

Stop acting like cis heterosexuality is the default. By maintaining the idea that cis heterosexuality is normal, the only normal, you are perpetuating the otherness of LGBTQIAP+ people. 

Heteronormativity is toxic.

Cishets aren’t the default. Cishets aren’t the only normal. Cishets are just common. 

Not to mention a lot of people simply believe they’re heterosexual because they’ve been told they are! If the world was less heteronormative, a lot of people would’ve realised early on that they aren’t “completely straight”. 




Book titles rewritten to get more clicks, Upworthy style

Little women’s one made me choke on my tea

This one from the link though:



January Jones for Vogue Italia (August 2014)



wait what



couldn’t miss this

that last one tho

Watching - A:TLA

Two things that really got to me during my 712445345224th rerun of ATLA. 

When Katara tells Aang she doesn’t know about their relationship, he kisses her. And her response isn’t your typical “oh it’s okay, I guess we’re together now”. It’s a very staunch “what the fuck, I just said no.” It’s so refreshing to see that in a kid’s show because when Aang and Katara finally start their relationship, it’s Katara who gives the okay and decides to kiss him. It’s her decision.

The second thing was that when Aang, in his Avatar state, is about to kill Ozai (kid me never noticed what a handsome devil he is. Yum.) before his personal self takes over, all elements surrounding him disappear except for air. It just felt so real to see Aang strip his avatar self but connect to his air nomad self. 

Watching - A Young Doctor’s Notebook

I always thought Jon Hamm didn’t do comedy (or any other role except Draper) very well, but I think he just works brilliantly with some really astounding material. Surprisingly, Daniel Radcliffe handled his side of the role pretty well too!

The story itself was perfectly Bulgakov. A perfect mix of drab scenery, some really wtf moments, and black comedy. 

I adore Bulgakov for making us laugh while telling some really sordid and depressing stories.

Watching - Utopia

Utopia is currently my favorite show on TV right now! This may be because I still haven’t gotten around to watching the second season of Masters of Sex. 

God bless the person who introduced me to this show. Brilliant cinematography, brilliant acting, fucking brilliant dialogue, and a great storyline! The soundtrack is brilliant too. Really, the cinematography was…the best I’ve seen? Okay, no, the best would be Kubrick, but this is really up there. I think I’ll try to make some gifs for it.

The show seems to have a balanced number of POC and female characters too. There’s some very interesting debate about which races deserve to be saved. 

I really would’ve liked some more Rosie Leslie tho :(