So if Korra still has metal in her body, does that mean when she fights Kuvira, Kuvira will be able to control her like..


Uh. No. If even Su-Yin couldn’t feel them, you think Kuvira can? lol. Only the world’s greatest earth bender could.







caligula had anime eyes

wait romans painted their marble sculptures

it looks like a cheap theme park ride mascot


here’s a statue of Augustus

and here’s a reproduction of the statue with the colors restored 

i honestly think that what we consider the height of sculpture in all of Western civilization being essentially the leftover templates of gaudy pieces of theme park shit to be evidence of the potential merit of found art

"I tried coloring it and then I ruined it"

And you know what the funniest part is? The paint didn’t just wear off over time. A bunch of asshole British historians back in the Victorian era actually went around scrubbing the remaining paint off of Greek and Roman statues - often destroying the fine details of the carving in the process - because the bright colours didn’t fit the dignified image they wished to present of the the cultures they claimed to be heirs to. This process also removed visible evidence of the fact that at least some of the statues thus stripped of paint had originally depicted non-white individuals.

Whenever you look at a Roman statue with a bare marble face, you’re looking at the face of imperialist historical revisionism.

(The missing noses on a lot of Egyptian statues are a similar deal. It’s not that the ancient Egyptians made statues with strangely fragile noses. Many Victorian archaeologists had a habit of chipping the noses off of the statues they brought back, then claiming that they’d found them that way - because with the noses intact, it was too obvious that the statues were meant to depict individuals of black African descent.)

such interesting commentary!

we’ll go down in history

There is a kind of lingering snobbery in the literary world that wants to exclude nonfiction from the classification of literature—to suggest that somehow it lacks artistry, or imagination, or invention by comparison to fiction. The mentality is akin to the prejudice that long held photography at bay in the visual-art world.

Philip Gourevitch on why nonfiction deserves a Nobel (via newyorker)

But Gone Girl’s apparent problems with women lurk beyond just Amy, too. The film’s male lead, Nick (Ben Affleck), Amy’s husband, laments that he’s spent his life with women controlling his every move, and when he settles in at her side by movie’s end, he’s been completely broken of his spirit. This, it would be easy for an anti-feminist critic to argue, is the logical conclusion of women’s dominion over men — a mostly good guy imprisoned by a vile monster who holds him in place with her womb.

Couple that with Fincher’s … let’s say … less-than-perfect track record with female characters in the past, in films ranging from Fight Club to The Social Network to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and you have a perfect storm, just waiting for thinkpieces to erupt.

But open up Gone Girl and dig around in its guts, and you find something surprising. This is perhaps the most feminist mainstream movie in years, a forthright depiction of the ways that society controls women and forces them into certain roles, then lets men basically do whatever they want. Amy Dunne might be a monster, but she’s no sui generis psychopath. No, she’s Frankenstein’s monster, stitched together by a husband, parents, and a social order that demanded she be certain things, rather than who she really was.

And in destroying her husband’s life, she’s symbolically taking back power for women everywhere.


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mako wtf


Cutting off hair in ancient Asia (Japan, china, Korea & possibly some other Asian cultures) symbolizes being banished or rejected from their home. In the more modern age that is now, cutting long hair into a short cut means to forget the past, leaving the old and starting anew.

Parineeti Chopra speaks out about the attitude Indian men have towards women and their periods (menstrual cycle). [X]




#black widow has the exact same powers and ten times the skill #intellect #morality #complexity #and she’s also got something batman’s never had: #my interest

Also, Black Widow accomplished all of it without being a billionaire.


without being a billionaire or a white male.

Small Feminist Victories

Asked for free sanitary pads for the female bathrooms at uni and actually got them!